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Experts for

wound healing 

and prevention

SINI-MEDIK Niederreiter GmbH is an Austrian based parnter for high quality medical products manufactured from the best producers worldwide. 

We made wound healing our mission and are bringing high quality products to our customers, achieving effective solutions also at the bed side.


Over 20 years of experience

High quality products

We offer effective and efficient solutions in patient care

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About us

SINI-MEDIK Niederreiter GmbH is expert in high-quality products for wound care, wound healing and prevention.

Healthy skin is our strength.

Product categories

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Cook Biotech's advanced tissue repair products 


f.e.hernia repair, fistula repair,  and soft tissue reinforcement.

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Innovative and effective products for prevention 

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Compression therapy

The two-layer compression sets  were developed to  improve the experience of both the practitioner and the patient.

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Enjoy the good side of life again despite incontinence...

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Find innovative and effective products to protect medical staff and patients, as well as antigen testing

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Operating theatre

Clean and safe fluid management where it is most needed

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Wound care

Innovative wound care for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds

Covid-19 shop

Here you will find, among other things: antigen tests, masks, gowns, protective suits and hand sanitizers.

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