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Aldanex is a transparent, viscous, non-greasy, smooth and fragrance-free silicone-based barrier ointment for the treatment and prevention of skin damage and superficial lesions. 

The product’s superior adhesive qualities allow Aldanex to maintain its protective barrier function against external influences for up to 12 hours.  


The product does not contain zinc and adheres excellently to moist as well as dry skin. The active ingredient contained, dimethicone, is able to develop its covering and protective effect against external influences.


Aldanex can be applied easily and quickly and removed painlessly.
It can therefore be perfectly integrated into the treatment of incontinence. The product can be applied frequently or less frequently, depending on the need.

Aldanex fulfils 3 important functions:


 Aldanex supports skin regeneration by creating an ideal wound environment.


Aldanex prevents the development of incontinence-associated dermatitis, maceration, decubitus lesions, intertrigo and napkin dermatitis in susceptible patient populations.


Aldanex protects irritated and/or injured skin by forming a protective layer against infectious agents and other negative influences

Product advantages

Why Aldanex is a must in the daily fight against incontinence-associated dermatitis, maceration, decubitus lesions* and intertrigo:

  • Aldanex is translucent, allowing better monitoring of the skin's condition

  • The substance is easier to apply to the skin area to be treated

  • Better adhesion thanks to the cream which stays on the skin for up to 12 hours, prolonging its action

  • Combats the effects of Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD)

  • Reduces the risk of pressure ulcer lesions by treating and preventing maceration

  • Alleviates the effects of pressure and shear forces

  • Protects both intact and pre-damaged skin

  • It does not contain zinc and is therefore also suitable for patients undergoing radiotherapy

  • Perfect adhesion, both on moist and dry skin

  • Painless application and rapid improvement in the patient's quality of life

  • It can be applied daily or even more often

  • Cost saving due to the healing/preventive effect and favourable price

  • Up to and including 2nd degree lesions


  • Aldanex maintains the moisture of the skin. It is suitable for the therapeutic prevention of skin lesions due to incontinence (urine, faeces or both).

  • It is also very suitable for the preventive treatment of decubitus lesions up to grade 2, intertrigo (inflammation of skin folds) and napkin dermatitis in children.

  • Another area of application is in very superficial wounds, in the case of maceration of wound edges and maceration/friction of drains, intubation ports, catheters and tracheal and nasal cannulae.

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