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Imprint according to § 5 E-Commerce Act:

SINI-MEDIK Niederreiter GmbH                               

Trade with food additives

Druggists' trade, retail trade in dressing materials (GISA 21451744)

VAT-number: ATU46635404                         

Company register number: 181087 f                         

Company register court: Provincial court Innsbruck

NidiCare GmbH                                                    

Trade in medical products

Manufacture, reprocessing, rental of medical devices and manufacture and trade of wound care products (GISA 21492457)                                    

VAT number: ATU64789606                                   

Company register number: 323668 h                 

Company register court: Innsbruck regional court

Registered office: 6460 Imst, Fabrikstraße 2, Austria

Tel: +43 - (0)5412-61 891

Fax: +43 - (0)5412 - 61 891 18

Email: info(at)


Member of the WKO

Trade regulations:

Imst district administration, trade authority

Managing Director: Simonetta Niederreiter

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