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Ligasano is a single-layer polyurethane medical dressing with honeycomb structure, differential porosity and a unique granular surface. 

It has been used in medicine for over 30 years.

All products are CE certified and class IIb according to MDR 2017/745

Ligasano Ligasano applies a biomechanical action of cleansing the wound bed, that can be divided into 2 subsequent steps:


The open-cell surface of Ligasano adheres to the necrotic tissue. The patient's natural movements (walking, breathing, heartbeat, etc.) rattle the honeycombed cell walls and create a slight friction with the wound walls and the wound bed. Unhealthy tissue is thus selectively removed, while underlying healthy, rooted tissue is not damaged.



Honeycomb structures react to special physical laws. Under light pressure, the honeycomb cells act like small vacuum pumps and force liquids in the opposite direction. And that is why Ligasano must be lightly pressed into the wound bed. The removed tissue and exudate can flow out of the wound through the Ligasano. Fast, safe and selective. It simply works!


Different structures for different applications

Ligasano Green


Using instructions Ligasano green

Ligasano White


LIGASANO® white has mixed pores, i.e. it has open, half-open and closed pores



Strong drainage, high permeability, good mechanical debridement capacity (soft debridement) and stimulation of granulating tissues. Absorption capacities up to 88% of it´s volume and mantainance of thermohygrometric equilibriume.

Primary dressing for soft debridement (biofilm, slough, fibrinous sediments) of chronic and/or infected wounds. Drainage of moderately suppurating lesions with exudate of low average density. May be used in contact with delicate tissues and healthy and perilesional skin. Secondary dressing specifically indicated for infected wounds, where a highly permeabel dressing is required to control the bacterial load, opposed to other situations in which the managing of high volume of exudate in low bacterial load conditions ist he priority.

Using instructions Ligasano white

Variants of treatment of pressure ulcers category 3

Ulcer treatment in the ankle or lower leg area

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