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PD Care®

The PD Care hip protector is made of a new type of foam. This differs from conventional foam qualities due to its viscoelastic behaviour. The reaction of the protector depends on the force applied: When the force is applied slowly, it shows elastic behaviour; when the force is applied in a shock-like manner (during a fall), it becomes harder and absorbs the impact.


The intelligent PD Care hip protector prevents up to 95% of all hip fractures during falls

Thanks to these properties, the PD Care hip protectors for seniors can also be worn at night without any problems. In the lying position, the material adapts ideally to the body - when standing up, it regains its original shape within a few seconds

The behaviour also changes with temperature - due to body temperature, the foam becomes softer when worn and adapts to the body. Test it: hold the protector under warm running water. Viscoelastic foams have proven to be an effective cushioning material in pressure ulcer prevention for years.


Broschüre DE

The functional trousers for the hip protectors

The PD Care functional underpants are made of high-quality cotton and Lycra. Our Swiss products are characterised by durability and high quality.

They can also be worn as incontinence pants (with inserts)

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