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About us

Our enterprise looks back to many years of experience in the wound care medical sector.

Our passion for solving real problems and bringing valuable solutions in the health care field has brought us as far as we are today.

We rely on team members with valuable and sound experience in marketing an organization as well as in the medical field.

Co-workers with more than 20 - 30 years experience and know how, together with teamwork and visions, guarantee professional assistance for our customers and offer constant innovation and progress in our product range.

Our idea of innovative solutions for wound care enables us to offer not only an excellent and easy to apply medication system but also professional and effective high quality products and therapies for tissue repair making wound healing a matter of choice.

We have made woundhealing our mission, bringing high quality products to our customers and achieving effective solutions, also at the bed side.

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Product categories

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Wound care

Innovative wound care for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds

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Compression therapy

The two-layer compression sets  were developed to  improve the experience of both the practitioner and the patient.

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Cook Biotech's advanced tissue repair products 


f.e.hernia repair, fistula repair,  and soft tissue reinforcement.

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Enjoy the good side of life again despite incontinence...

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Innovative and effective products for prevention 

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Find innovative and effective products to protect medical staff and patients, as well as antigen testing

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Operating theatre

Clean and safe fluid management
where it is most needed

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