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Curea P2


Curea P2

Gentle on the wound surface for atraumatic dressing changes

With an integrated wound spacer grid, curea P2 is the soft alternative for exuding wounds with fresh granulation tissue, sensitive wound surrounding skin and burns. curea P2 is particularly suitable for slightly to heavily exuding wounds where the sensitive wound surface should be protected. The integrated wound spacer grid prevents sticking to the wound and reduces pain during dressing changes.

  • Integrated 3D wound spacer grid does not stick to the wound and allows for atraumatic dressing changes

  • SuperCore® ensures secure binding of excessive exudate

  • Proven binding and reduction of germs and MMPs

  • Proven binding of whole blood

  • Core remains stable during application

  • High absorption even under compression and pressure

  • Reduced risk of wound maceration

  • Breathable back side creates a well-balanced, moist wound healing environment

  • Protection against leakage

  • Printed back side for reduced risk of false application

  • Wear time up to 7 days

Indicatino for use:

  • Intended for light to heavy exuding wounds

  • Granulating wounds

  • Burns

  • Postoperative wound care

  • Mesh graft and skin removal sites

  • Sensitive wound environment

  • Epidermolysis Bullosa

  • Frostbite

  • Chemical burns

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Curea P2 Instruction for use

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