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Ligasano is a single layer medical dressing made of polyurethane with honeycomb structure, differentiated porosity and a unique granular surface.  It has been used in medicine for over 30 years.

All products are CE certified and class IIb according to 2017/745.

Ligasano® Prevention

Ligasano® White

The rapidly falling pressure tension of LIGASANO® white allows a nearly consistent distribution of the contact pressure and thus avoidance of dreaded pressure peaks.

LIGASANO® white and LIGASANO® orange are easy to cut. Thus arise by the ingenuity of the nursing staff adapted positioning aids such as rollers, wedges, heel shoes, etc.

The mechanical stimulus of LIGASANO® white promotes peripheral blood circulation during skin contact, increasing the pressure resistance of the patient. Sweat is absorbed, thus normal skin moisture and in conjunction with the mechanical stimulus also skin care. The preservation of the physiological skin environment is supported.

With a suitable thickness, LIGASANO® does not wrinkle, a further pressure ulcer risk is effectively prevented. The patient is always stored directly on the skin on LIGASANO® white, without intermediate layer.

In fact, the mixed cell structure of Ligasano white leads to permanent deformation under pressure (= memory effect). Therefore, areas exposed to anatomical convexities (e.g. heels, calves, gluteal region, shoulders, occipital region) become thinner, while those exposed to concavities retain their shape and volume. This leads to a global and even distribution of the body's weight over its total surface, giving it a virtual fluctuation.


Ligasano White, with a micro-granular surface, can come into contact with sensitive skin. As it is permanently deformed, the top sheet should be changed regularly, at least weekly, depending on the patient's body weight. The amount of layers of Ligasano White needed for a particular patient is directly related to their weight and varies from person to person..

Ligasano® Orange

The perfect supplement for prevention

The application of the alveolar technology allows Ligasano Orange to redistribute the weight peak areas of the patient (e.g. heels, sacrum, hips) onto the entire surface, effectively preventing pressure ulcers. It´s high permeabilty to fluids grants a continuous air flow through it´s structure, even when compressed, lowering local temperature and humidity level, thus preventing tissue maceration.


Prevention for bedridden patients

Bedridden patients, especially in case of paraplegy and tetraplegy, have specific needs that a single prevention complement by itself cannot accomplish. Hydration, nutrition and regular mobilization represent the preconditions for a proper prevention, completed by appropriate medical devices.

Ligasano Orange is a complement device, and part of a prevention system specifically engeneired to respond to the specific needs of every patient.
In case of bedridden patients, Ligasano Orange represents the structural base of the support surface and it needs to be implemented with Ligasano White sheets over it, in order to grant a highly effective prevention system.

Using instructions Ligasano orange

Positioning of the patient in 180° prone position

Positioning the head in the supine position

Positioning the head in the prone position

Palm dressing (spasticity)

Padding of hoses, catheters and tubes

Pressure ulcer prophylaxis - Ear

Pressure relief of the heel with the LIGASANO® heel bandage

Customized heel protection

Heel pressure relief -

pattern step by step

Prefabricated slit compresses

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