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Fungal infections

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Intertrigoprophylaxis and dealing with contractures

In bedridden patients and joint immobilization, contracture (joint stiffness) and muscular atrophy (muscle contraction) may develop.

Particularly at risk are patients with inflammatory or degenerative joint diseases, but also patients whose joints are immobilized, e.g. by restraint, paralysis or weakness. Measures to maintain an intact musculoskeletal system and functional joints are movement exercises, mobilization and appropriate positioning.

What is an intertrigo?

Where there is direct skin-to-skin contact, e.g. in skin folds or where for other reasons no air comes to the skin, sweat can not evaporate and the skin softens (maceration).

In this humid environment, bacteria and fungi can multiply, the skin eventually becomes sore and intertrigo has developed.



Not only as a preventive measure, but also as a therapy support for fungal treatments in connection with an antifungal agent or as a therapy itself if the skin is only irritated or slightly inflamed.

Ligasano white for the tummy fold, for the chest/bosom or groin between toes and fingers.

Intertrigoprophylaxis and

-therapy with Ligasano

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