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Ligasano® wound treatment

Texts and pictures (c) Ligamed

Case report 1 - Treatment of a sacral ulcer

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Fig. 1: Condition before treatment with LIGASANO® white

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Fig. 3: After several dressing changes, the wound is already much smaller and cleaner.

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Fig. 2: Treatment with LIGASANO® white wound dressing

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Fig. 4: Condition one week after surgical intervention

Excerpt from an observational study of the Accident Hospital Targu-Mureş, Romania.,

(c) Ligamed

Case report 2 -
Pressure ulcer grade II on the right trochanter

Patient data and anamnesis:
60-year-old female patient, multiple sclerosis, completely immobile, grade II decubitus on the right trochanter, severe contractures on arms and legs, poor general condition. The patient is on an alternating pressure system, is extremely difficult to store due to her physical limitations and is constantly developing decubitus ulcers.

fall 2 1.jpg

Fig. 1: 04.02.2016

fall 2 2.jpg

Fig. 2: 04.02.2016

fall 2 3.jpg

Fig. 3: 26.02.2016

Long-term grade 2 decubitus on the right trochanter with moderate exudation and redness around the wound. Supply with LIGASANO® white sterile 10 x 10 x 1 cm directly on the wound surface and 24 x 16 x 1 cm non-sterile in addition to pressure relief above. Fixation with adhesive fleece in the margin area. Dressing change every 2 days. Positioning of the patient on LIGASANO® sheets green and white for therapy support and pressure relief. Complete healing of the wound on 26.02.2016

(c) Ligamed

Case report 3 - Wound treatment with LIGASANO® in bedsores

Patient data and anamnesis:

83-year-old patient, immobile, home care since June 2015. Pre-existing conditions: Type 2 diabetes mellitus, incontinence, obesity

fall 3 1.jfif

Fig. 1: 22.05.2015: Condition before placement in the nursing home

fall 3 2.jpg

Fig. 2: 31.07.2015: Condition before application of LIGASANO®

Dressing change on 03.08.2015:

During the first dressing change, the wound was still contaminated and severely reddened. The intensive cleaning with LIGASANO® Wundputzer® was painless and very effective. The wound cavities and undermining were each padded with a LIGASANO® white wound strip mini to the margin of the wound and covered with a layer of LIGASANO® white sterile 10 x 10 x 1 cm. Fixation with breathable adhesive fixing fleece. Additional positioning of the patient on one layer each of non-sterile LIGASANO® green and LIGASANO® white. Dressing changes 3 times a week.

fall 3 3_edited.jpg

Abb. 3a und b: 03.08.2015 linke Gesäßbacke: Wundreinigung mit LIGASANO® Wundputzer® intensiv und Octenisept® Wunddesinfektion

fall 3 4.jpg

Fig. 3b: 03.08.2015

fall 3 5.jpg

Fig. 3c and d: 03.08.2015 right buttock: Wound cleaning with LIGASANO® Wundputzer® (wound cleaning sponge) intensive and Octenisept® Wound Disinfection

fall 3 6.jpg

Fig. 3d: 03.08.2015

fall  3 7.jpg

Fig. 4a: 05.08.2015: LIGASANO® white wound strip mini during removal from the wound cavity

fall  3 9.jpg

Fig. 4b: 05.08.2015: wound bed has significantly less coatings.

fall  3 10.jpg

Fig. 5a: 07.08.2015: Wound after removal of the LIGASANO® wound strip mini

fall 3 9.jpg

Fig. 5b: 07.08.2015: Tamponating the wound cavities with LIGASANO® wound strip min

fall  3 11.jpg

Fig. 7a: dressing change on 17.06.2016: wound almost healed

fall  3 12.jpg

Fig. 7b: 17.06.2016: Tamponating the wound cavities with LIGASANO® wound strip mini

fall 3 13.jpg

Fig. 8: Wound condition on 16.09.2016: wound completely healed.

Conclusion on 16.09.2016:

Wound completely healed. The patient sweats a lot (due to various medications), which leads to maceration and new skin defects again and again. Therefore LIGASANO® white wound strip mini will be applied prophylactically.

Author: Helga Huber, Medical Assistant, VERAH, Niederbayern

(c) Ligamed

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