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Exudate management and soft debridement

P1 Drain
P1 Heel

Curea P1

The classic for improved wound healing and better quality of life

curea P1 is our high-performance standard product designed for managing light to heavy exuding wounds. It is indicated for cases where, alongside effective exudate management, gentle wound debridement is desired during dressing changes.

  • SuperCore® ensures secure binding of excessive exudate

  • Proven binding and reduction of germs and MMPs

  • Proven binding of whole blood

  • Soft debridement during dressing changes

  • Reduced risk of wound maceration

  • Can be applied under compression and pressure

  • Core remains stable during application

  • Protection against leakage

  • Maintains a balanced, moist wound environment

  • Wear time up to 7 days

Application areas:

  • Light to heavy exuding wounds.

  • Chronic wounds: Ulcus cruris (UCV, UCM, UCA), diabetic foot syndrome, decubitus ulcer

  • Acute wounds

  • Wounds with concomitant injuries

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P1 Instruction for use

P1 drain

Exudate management for drainage and tube systems

curea P1 drain uses a slit dressing design ideal for use with drains, catheters and the like. The cross cut allows the dressing to fit perfectly around tubing systems or cables of varying diameters. This effectively absorbs exudate, keeping exit sites dry and protected from inflammation.

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Curea P1 DUO

Avoid application errors due to the possibility of double-sided application

curea P1 duo can be applied to the light to heavy exuding wound from both sides. Especially when things have to be done quickly in everyday clinical practice, application errors are reduced, as the wound dressing absorbs with both the top and the bottom side and "incorrect" application is ruled out.

Tabelle Artikel P1DUO.png

P1 Heel

Efficient wound care for the heel area

curea P1 heel is ideal for wound care in the heel area. Its special shape allows easy application to the foot using a folding technique. This reduces leakage risk due to the breathable yet fluid-impermeable top layer.

Tabelle Artikel P1heel.png

P1 Heel Instruction for use

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