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Exsudate management for malodourous wounds

P1 DUO active
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Curea P1 DUO active

Exudate management, soft debridement and odour reduction with a single wound dressing

curea active wound dressings quickly relieve nagging wound odour and thus improve the quality of life for patients and their relatives.

In addition, they bind bacteria in a purely physical way and are therefore also excellent for fighting infections.

curea P1 duo active fights and neutralises wound odours quickly with its integrated activated charcoal layer. In infected wounds, it also reduces germs through purely physical means, without the risk of developing antimicrobial resistance.

  • Integrated activated charcoal layer for very good odour absorption even in the case of extremely strong wound odours

  • Reduction of the bacterial microbial load in the wound without the risk of microbial resistance and cytotoxicity

  • Cleansing effect with regard to exo- and endotoxins

  • High absorption even under compression and pressure

  • SuperCore® ensures secure binding of excessive exudate

  • Binding and reduction of germs and MMPs

  • Blood binding

  • Soft debridement during dressing changes

  • Reduced risk of wound maceration

  • Core remains stable during application

  • Maintains a balanced, moist wound environment

  • Wear time up to 7 days

Indication for use:

  • Slightly to heavily exuding wounds

  • malodorous chronic and acute wounds

  • Infected wounds and wounds at risk of infection

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Curea P1 DUO active IFU

Curea P2 active

SuperCore®, activated charcoal and wound spacer grid in one powerful product.

Exudate, wound odour, wound infections, and pain during dressing changes are no challenge with curea P2 active and can be treated simultaneously with the wound dressing - without the need for costly sandwich dressings.

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